Sunday, July 22, 2018

My Creative Art Journal

I've been playing with art journal making techniques that I learned in Oregon.  That’s where I recently attended one of Alisa Burke’s workshops.  Since then I’ve been working with paints, pens and colored pencils.  And I’ve been trying hard to blend my own creative voice into all that my brain soaked up while I was there.  I think it’s important to mix all of the “me” that I can into whatever I learn from others.  I don’t ever want to be accused of copying other artists.  It’s hard because we all learn so much from each other and we get inspired by others.  But whenever I come back from a creative workshop the first thing I do is ponder and work to figure out how I can take all I learned and turn it into something that has a robust amount of “me” in it.  I don't know if my erasable Crayola pencil collection counts as a robust amount of "me" - but hey, it's a start.  
I also sewed my journal together rather than binding it with the metal binder machine I learned how to use up there.  I love sewing paper.  This to me was another perfect opportunity for just that.

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