Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

Who among us can’t relate to the notion?  While we’re embroiled in our currently bustling lives, many of us carry along with us a pocket full of wishes, hopes and dreams for our potential future.  If we work hard and stars align some of these aspirations may actually even come to fruition.  Some may get a little singed on the edges.  Many rest in the flame so long they merely turn to cinder, rather than turning into the thing we want most for them to become.
This collection is about the journey that our hopes take with us.  Its’ about the desires we actually realize.  It’s about the delicate fringes of the wishes that get a little crispy.  And it’s about the hearts of the dreams that simply turn to ash.
So often when I’m using my jewelers’ torch I think of these notions.  I say I like burning things and there’s a lot of reasons why.  I like the randomness of papers’ burned edges and I love the effect heat has on metal.  But mostly I like the trip my mind goes on whenever I’m working in the studio.  I think about all of my wishes, my hopes and my dreams and how so many of them are truly coming to fruition.  I also think about how charred some are on the edges.  You see, the road to get them where they are today has been a little toasty at times.  And what do I do with my dreams that that turned into embers?  I leave them alone and move on because somehow I really can understand and accept that they simply were not meant to be.
Come visit Amiro Art & Design.  There my Wishes, Hopes and Dreams collection will be featured during the months of October, November and December.  It’s not just jewelry.  I do other creative things too.  You just may not know that yet.

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