Friday, January 1, 2016

Making My 2016 List


So this is one of my favorite times of the year.  Every January I re-evaluate my goals. I take time to consider the good and the bad that happened over the prior year.  This leads me to think about how to move forward in the upcoming year.  And then I start making my list.  It’s a list of both personal and professional goals.

I used to call it “the list of broken promises that I make to myself”.  But honestly, I do better these days about sticking to the list than I did in my prior life.  I used to list things like lose ten pounds, go dairy free and run a marathon; Yup.  Broken promises.  That stuff just never happens. Believe it or not, losing ten pounds made it to the list again this year.  It always does.  If at first we don’t succeed we’re supposed to try-try again, right?  And like my lovely niece said one time, “Even if you lose you win because you tried” right?  (I have a great attitude about those ten pounds, don’t I)?  By the way - I’ve given up on the dang marathon thing.  That just sounds way too painful.

Anyway, so aside from my beloved ten-pound goal and a few other personal goals, there are things I want to do to improve my creative business as well.

I want to refine my on-line presence and tie all of my web sites together.  Did you know my business has a Facebook page , a web site and this blog?   Much to my dismay, they all look and feel different.   I need to beef up my blog.  Heck, I just need to write in my blog.  I want to put some things on my web site that are for sale and set up E-commerce.  I want to create a place where you can go to buy some of my things whenever you want to do so.  I want to put some things out there that may help inspire you (and me) on days when maybe we feel like we need that little creative boost.  And I want to tie all of these sites together and put them under one domain (like they really should be) so people like you know where the heck to go to find me.  I know, I know, I’m tired already just thinking of all the work I need to do in 2016 to accomplish these things.  But I am highly motivated when it comes to this year’s list.

I’m motivated largely because of you!  So many of you came to my shows this past year and I loved seeing you there.  Doing the shows is so much fun because I get a chance to see you and talk to you.  I love that energy.  It really keeps me enthused and makes me excited to get back to my studio and fire up the torches again.  So, 2015 was just an amazing year for me with respect to creative things.  I taught myself some new Jewelry techniques that I’m super excited about and can’t wait to further develop in 2016.   I’ll share more details later. 

Gosh, the more I write the more I feel I need to sign off and get to work.  There’s so much to do and only 365 days in which to do it.  Wish me luck!  And stay tuned.  And most of all I would love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to comment or share.  And you know you can always E-mail me too.  I love hearing from you.

Let's make it a great year!