Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Winter at our Beach

Happiness is a winter afternoon by the sea with Nick, Chinese take-out and a bottle of champagne.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day to You - Welcome to my new On-Line Shop!

Hi Everyone,
I'm so excited about my new on-line shop.  Check it out!

My On-Line Shop

I've been selling my jewelry at shows since 2009.  I've also been selling in a few shops and galleries.
Ever since I started making jewelry people have been E-mailing me asking if I sell my work on-line.  And I’ve kept telling people that setting up an on-line shop is on my to-do list. So, Taaa Daaah!!!  Here it is.  My new on-line store!!!!!!!!  Yay!  Can I please get a high-five…or maybe even two??!!  Boy what a process it was.  Setting a beefy E-commerce shop up is a lot of work.  I had to make sure I had enough stock on hand to do this whole gig.
 I had to make a few phone calls and get help figuring out which format to use for my E-store.  “Photobiz” hosts my web site and I can’t say enough good things about that company.  Their customer service is top notch.  And for a girl like me who’s not the most technically savvy it’s great to know there’s a place I can call to get answers quickly.
Next step….  Figure out how the heck to take decent pictures. It’s taken quite a lot of time to figure this out and I still have a lot to learn in this department.  There is placement and lighting and photo one-O-one, etc.  There’s a lot to it.  I’m just sayin’.
I had to figure out the cost of shipping and handling.
I had to write descriptions of each pieces.  Not just descriptions you know.  I had to come up with good descriptions.  I had to really tell the story for each piece.  This ended up being a bit easier than I thought it would be.  I think that’s because there really is a bit of a story for each piece of work that I create.  Let’s just say, my MAC and me were very close buddies for quite some time.
--> So all in all it was a monumental accomplishment for me– opening up this E-store.  I want to share my excitement with you by doing a celebratory thing.  I feel like I need sparklers or something right now to tell you about it.   If you buy from me this month – any day this month, February 2017 - you’ll get a free gift from me.  Let’s say it will be your Valentines Day present from yours truly – AKA “me”.

Happy Shopping!  :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Messy Art Room

A messy art room is the best kind of art room.  It's a sign and it means that creation is happening.  Important things are getting done.  I'm getting ready for my spring shows.  They will be here before you know it.