Saturday, June 4, 2016

My Art “Box” Chronicles


One of my favorite things to do in my studio is sort through my scraps.  This is something I do about once or twice a year, depending on what’s been going on in there.  It’s a result of months of working hard at jewelry making.  I often work on several pieces at a time.  And it’s not uncommon for me to abandon one assemblage during its construction.  My brain may be focused on one thing for the moment.  But then suddenly a new idea pops up in my head.  I spin on my heels and move on to the new idea.  Or I may become somewhat bored or uninspired while working on a piece.  Or maybe the piece just isn’t turning out the way I had planned when I originally started.  So, I simply move it to the side.  Eventually, usually when I clean up my work area, it may get dropped into one of my “boxes”.  Several months later, when I start sorting through my boxes I may run across a piece like this and become re-inspired.  Its exciting because it then becomes me (a different me because it’s a new me).

It’s kind of like the book, “The Art Doll Chronicles”. If you haven’t ever read the book you should.  I mean if you love art dolls, as I do, you would really love the book.  It tells the story of several artists’ shared projects.  Each artist started a doll construction and then mailed it to another artist, who then picked up where the prior artist left off.  After she added her personal touches she then passed it on to the next artist and waited to receive her next doll.  I love this collaborative project idea.  If I were to find a group who was willing to undertake this sort of project together I just know that every time I new partially made doll came into my studio I’d be totally re-inspired and excited to begin working.

So long story short, that’s why I like working out of my “Art Boxes”.  I’m a different person and artist every day.  So picking up where I left off months ago, sometimes even years ago feels like I’m practicing the notion of “The Art Doll Chronicles”.  I mean, in a way of course.

It’s also great practice for days when I’m in a slower starting mode.  It can get me going in a heartbeat even on the most sluggish of mornings in my art studio.

Gonna’ go snoop around in my boxes right now actually, and see what I can start cooking up in my studio.  My fall show schedule is currently developing and it’s starting to look a little crazy.  Need to get a head start on production for sure.

Thanks for reading and as always, thanks so much for your support!