Monday, February 1, 2016

So it’s the month of LUV...

Gosh, I love the title so much I’m not sure I want to fiddle with writing the rest of this blog entry. But I will.  So, it’s the month of LUV, you know what with Valentine’s Day and All.  Who do you love?  What do you love?  I sure know who and what I love.  Thankfully my list is very long.

One of the things that I love dearly is “making jewelry”.  I’ve been an artist all my life.  In fact I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t designing and/or making things.  I’ve experimented with all kinds of mediums.  But jewelry seems to be one of my all-time favorites.  Because every time I sit down to create in my jewelry studio I get re-inspired all over again.  And I just love what comes out of my head when I’m in that place (my studio). I love the process of trying to figure out how to make a new type of connection or turn a metal a different color.  I love the challenge of trying something that’s difficult and then practicing it over and over again until I feel that I fully understand how to do it right more often than not.  I like to refer to it as my “mad scientist” frame of mind.  But don’t worry.  I’m not mad – just excited.

And I love inventing a jewelry making process, technique, and/or design.  Even if I find out later (after I came to it on my own) that it’s been done before, I still feel really jazzed about having realized it on my own, in my own way.  In fact, one of the most exciting things I do is come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things in my studio.  My mica and resin earrings are a good example of that.  The idea first came when I saw two shells and the way they were laying in the sand propped up on one another.  They were shimmery from the water and sun and the whole assemblage looked like it could have been an earring.  I mean if it was held together somehow, which it was not.  A wave proved that to be true and in a quick moment it all soon fell apart.  But the idea was already in my head.  So next time I had a pad and paper handy I doodled the idea and thought about what I could use to from my creation.  I couldn’t wait to get into my studio and start the “experiment”.  I was so happy with the way the earrings turned out and became obsessed with making more of them.  This is the practice that I love so much.  As I further develop and refine an idea new ideas continue to come. And that’s something I truly love. 

But you know what else I truly love:  Your support!  Each and every person who has ever bought a piece of my jewelry definitely makes it to my “A-list”.  That support and encouragement really keeps me going.   Without it there would be little reason to keep “mad scientist-ing” on a regular basis.  So, I just want to extend a big fat Thank You to everyone who wears my jewelry!  You keep me going and I just can’t thank you enough!!!!


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