Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hand Painted Magnets

I love making things by hand.  Sometimes I really think the simpler the process the better.  Whenever I work with basic supplies and keep my process simple, I take the part of me that worries about the end result completely out of the picture.  And that's when I have the most fun making hand made things.  Making little painted magnets this way is so easy.
These little bags of wooden circle slices are inexpensive and available at your local craft store.
First paint them with a layer of white gesso.  Let that dry and then paint them with a layer of acrylic paint.
Once the paint dries use a Sharpie pen and a Uniball Signo white ink pen to add doodles and designs.
Glue magnets onto the backs of each.
The end result is an array of bright and cheerful magnets.  I just love these.  But most of all I love the process because it's a very simple and easy one.